Steve Turner Logo Revealed

With the release of Steve Turner's "Troubadour Dream" album set to release in August, Steve's first single, "Fool's Gold" will be available on Friday, April 30. With a new single and album on the way, Steve wanted to create a logo that represented his heritage of being born and raised on the White Earth Reservation where is he an enrolled member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe. The significance of the flowers of the Ojibwe in his logo represents the awareness of the beauty that surrounded them as flowers were added to their handmade clothing over time. You can see a full transformation when you put on a complete outfit. there is a story behind every piece and often times the designs mimic things that are in the environment that surrounds them.

Steve carried that idea into his music because he has an awareness of great songs that he's been listening to since he was young as he mimics some of those same patterns when putting his own spin on music while keeping the roots intact. From his Grandpa singing on the porch to his Dad's stack of Johnny Cash records, Steve comes from a family that cherished music so much that it became an important part of his world.